Friday, July 22, 2011

Aeromodeller 1958-09

Dunakesi, near Budapest in Hungary, was the scene for the 1958 M.M.S. "Peoples' Democracies" International, the toughest of all modelling events. Covering the three F.A.I, freeflight classes for Rubber, Power and Glider, it allows only one competitor to be entered in each class by one country, and thus the points for overall team Championship are hard to win. This year, the final team order was Poland, Czechoslovakia, China, Hungary, U.S.S.R., Hast Germany and Korea. China's position is no real surprise to those who have seen East European aviation magazines, and the three models from that countrv are drawn below to illustrate the occidental approach to the 1958 F.A.I, specifications. In gross time, China was only 24 sees, behind Poland, the winning nation. The contest opened with A/2 at 4 a.m. in dead air. Sokolov flew his same A/2 which placed second in last year's World Champs, and with four maxs and a 166 his performance in gaining individual victory for the H.S.S.R. dearly indicated his special skill on the towline. Finest-made model in A/2 was that by Sju-Min-Sen, which started off with a run of three maxs then 155 and 138 to place third. In Wakefield, a pre-view of the World Champs at Cranfield came with a four-man fly-off between Krizsma, Zurad, Cizek and Ivanikov. Krizsma had the best finished model, and deserved his narrow victory with a time of 217 over Zurad's 207, Cisek's 200 and Ivanikov's 199. The hitter's model introduces many fascinating new devices and will lie featured in our World Champs' report next month.