Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aeromodeller 1958-08

The life of an aeromodeller is governed by meteorological conditions. He wakes in the morning to judge the day by the flutter of leaves or flow of chimney smoke, hopes for the best and expects the worst. The dawn outlook on the second dav of the 1958 British Nationals contest programme at R.A.F. Station Waterbeach, must have created nothing short of agony. Rain, rain and yet more rain completely nullified the morning for all except the hardy Class B team racer types. Though the weather might have been a trial, the standard of flying and advance in model design was enough to dispel any gloom. Never before have we been able to note such a rapid improvement between seasons as was evident in R/C Multi and C/L stunt. Man of the meeting was the ubiquitous John O'Donnell. Mis successes in the free-flight events are a tribute to his serious and methodical approach to trimming. Technically, the most outstanding advance seen was in the use of engine speed control via exhaust restriction for R/C, the degree of control, and the silencing effect were eye-openers. And if anyone ever complains about lack of foreign engines or accessories, he should think again. We saw engines, R/C equipment and kit models from France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia and U.S.A.