Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aeromodeller 1958-06

Astronautics is for the future, and the larger American aircraft companies are investing fantastic sums of money in the establishment of huge plants specifically devoted to space flights. First of the half-aircraft, half-missile man carrying outer space vehicles in this new air age will be the North American X-15 as seen in the artist's representation below. Cleaver section airfoils, with particularly blunt edges for the vertical surfaces, will be a main feature of this amazing craft which w ill experience a temperature range from 300 degrees belowr zero to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. To counter such extreme heat, the entire plane is to have an external armour of nickel alloy, and to control it at unprecedented speeds, reaction jets of hydrogen peroxide in the nose and wing tips will orientate the X-15, although they will not be able to change the ballistic trajectory once it has been started on its mission through space. Three pilots, and a large research staff have been training and working on the X-15 project for some time, making it the most involved design study ever undertaken in the U.S. Aircraft industry.