Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aeromodeller 1958-04

Returning back to his farm in Falkirk from a holiday gliding course at Cairnbulg Aerodrome, near Fraserburgh, last year, John Wilson decided that the Tandem Tutor in which he enjoyed so many hours of Hying, was the ideal subject for a Hying scale model. Living on a farm, with no space or transportation problems he made it with a one-piece 54-in. wing, and the result is seen in the two photos at the foot of his page. Construction is as near as possible made to duplicate that of the full size which, incidentally, is known in the R.A.F. as Cadet 3. Those who have closer association with the single-seat Tutor will be able to convert the fuselage by eliminating the rear cockpit. A high proportion of the gliding clubs offering holiday courses are equipped with the Tandem Tutor and we are sure that Mr. Wilson's design will be popular with those who learn to glide during the coming year.