Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aeromodeller 1958-02

For twenty years the high cranked wings and stringered fuselage of the famous Wcstland Army Co-operation aircraft have made it a modeller's favourite. This version represents a complete structural revision of the well-known A.P.S. design, eliminating all the earlier complication of spark ignition engines, yet still retaining the rib-for-rib, stringer-for-stringer, detail that makes it so accurate in scale appearance Certainly it's no beginner's project, but the crutch-built fuselage and Hat-bottomed wings will present no difficulties to the modeller with a little experience. What a subject for colour schemes! We show seven variations on this page, including the "Cloak and Dagger" variant for partisan activity behind enemy lines. The 'Lizzy" served well in Operational Training Units, as a Spy and Supply dropper, or 'Parget Tug, so providing an interesting diversity of markings. Last of the heavy Army Co-op. aeroplanes, it will always he remembered for its wide range of performance. The model duplicates the same living characteristics, and we have retained the same unique tail trimming system as employed on the full-size, so eliminating unsightly external rubber bands and still permitting a wide range of trim angles. In anticipation of the inevitable question, "Will it be suitable for r/c conversion", we are sorry to answer an emphatic NO. The small area of the high aspect ratio wings would not permit the pavload of radio and batteries.