Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aeromodeller 1957-03

In the interests of presenting only the finest of model designs for your enjoyment, readers may have noted that this issue of Aeromodbller continues last month's international theme. The German Delta 707 designed by Herr F. W. Heisterfeld has proved to be one of the most popular radio control designs, and American C. F. Stuby's Lowing OL.9 sent from Thailand one of the most popular flying scale models in A.P.S. This month we have an outstanding Spanish Combat model in Duellist, surely the simplest and most effective of all designs for this purpose, and which will appeal to all who are preparing for the onslaught of the new British Season. Adding to the International flavour we have first news of the Australian Nationals and latest information sent to us direct from Moscow on Soviet acromodelling. Next month we shall be introducing America's leading Radio Control design, the famous "Smog flog" by Howard Bonner of Los Angeles and a full report on the New Zealand Nationals. Whilst on the subject of our contents, we thought that following the many kind comments received at the Editorial Offices on George Cox's accurate and finely detailed scale drawing, that readers would like to see the picture reproduced below of George investigating the Sea Venom F (AW) 21 at the S.B.A.C. Show, Farnborough. The results of his labours will be found on pages 140-141.