Monday, July 25, 2011

Aeromodeller 1957-02

Two worthwhile functions of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers we have attended recently were the Annual Dinner and Prizegiving Dance held at the Horseshoe Hotel on Saturday, December 8th, 1956, and the Annual General Meeting held at the Great Northern Hotel, Leeds, on Sunday, December 16th, 1956. The Dinner was well attended and the principal guest, Mr. R. T. Hughes, Secretary of the Society of British Aircraft Constructors, emphasised the high regard in which the full size industry held the S.M.A.K., mentioning the many famous men of aviation who had started as aeromodellers, Mr, Maurice Imray of the Royal Aero Club proposed the toast to the Society and commented on the worthwhile successes achieved on the international contest field during the past ten years. Mr. D, A. Gordon, proposing the toast to the guests and the ladies, mentioned the practical way in which the S.B.A.C. had supported the Society by donating the sum of �500 towards the International Contest Fund in 1956. The friendly relations enjoyed with the Royal Air Force Model Aircraft Association represented by their Chairman, Group Captain Saw-were also commented upon, Mr. Gordon emphasising how important these relations were in view of the aerodrome situation!