Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aeromodeller 1957-01

Since international competition in the model aircraft field first got under v\nv back in 1929, following the introduction of the Wakefield Trophy, the scope of such top level events has widened until today we have four Championship classes covering the three free-flight categories of rubber, power and glider, plus a class for control-line speed. Until 1956, such World Championship events have taken place annually, forming the greatest incentive to top line model development in the world. Now, however, the recently held F.A.I. Models Commission meeting has decided that in future the Championships will be paired upf and held in alternate years, with the object of effecting a compromise between four separate annual meetings and the combined "Olympics" proposed in these columns some five years ago. Czechoslovakia exercises her right to hold the Glider and Speed events in 1957, and with Sweden withdrawing her option on the W akefield, this and the Tower event will most likeJy take place in Kngland in 1958.