Thursday, June 30, 2011

X-37B: Is the orbital drone of USAF/NASA, triggering world wide earthquakes?

Source: undercoveralien youtube

Since I saw the videos of "HAARPWillNOTbeSilent", where he points the synchronicity between the orbital path of the space drone X-37B, with earthquakes and aftershocks in Japan and Honduras, in March and April, I started to track it down for a couple of months and do my own investigation. Through online real-time satellites tracker, I've collected several data which allowed me to match its flight history with the timing of specific earthquakes all over the world. I've obtained large evidence that this robotic orbital vehicle is a lethal weapon which might be causing artificial EQs in specific coordinates. And after lots of long discussions in forums, about the subject, I finally made up my mind that was time to make this video. ~Und3rc0ver 41ien