Monday, May 23, 2011

Brad Johnson | Astral Hacking-Beyond Psychotronics, May 22, 2011


May 22, 2011�Brad Johnson is a practitioner of shamanism, dowsing, and metaphysical energetics, as well as a professional golf trainer. In a far-ranging discussion we talk about the concepts of dowsing, golf as a metaphysical pursuit; energy flows and sports peak experiences, the transcendental athlete; the material body and the subtle body energy layers as holographic fractal DNA images, 2012 and time streams...negative time streams; the galactic center movement and mechanics of heightened consciousness...the past is an IDEA (as is the future)...the spiritual concept of forgiveness.

Project Mannequin and astral hacking technology: the creation of 'silcon demons', the motion picture, "Inception" and the ruling elite's use of black magic and energetic manipulation. Brad has recently uncovered a most disturbing phenomena he calls the "hacking of the astral body"....the use of technology to hack into and gain control of person's consciousness...beyond psychotronics, this form of "soul-jacking" is so insidious it needs to be exposed.

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