Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D. | Remote Perceptions: Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities


It�s easy to be wowed by Remote Perceptions author and remote viewing expert Dr. Angela Thompson Smith�s credentials. A former registered nurse and social worker, she holds a doctorate degree in psychology and a wealth of research and management experience. Dedicated to the study of consciousness, Dr. Smith took the Monroe Institute�s Gateway Program in 1997, followed by extensive training in remote viewing modalities under former guests Paul Smith and Lyn Buchanan as well as Dr. Wayne Carr. She currently offers remote viewing courses and works as a life coach and shamanic practitioner. Dr. Smith discusses her work and her experience as a remote viewer.

Dr. Smith's primary qualifications were in nursing and social work and she worked as a registered nurse and as a social worker in the UK. She also served a term abroad with VSO working at a Colombian orphanage. Returning to England, she gained her B.S. in Psychology at the University of Wales, in Cardiff, her M.S. at the Faculty of Medicine of Manchester University, England, and her Ph.D. in Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School, CA.

She describes her life as taking place in three parts: the first part dealt with the Physical, working as a nurse, social worker and medical researcher; the second part of her life focused on the Mind when she worked at PRL and the PEAR Lab at Princeton University and studied psychology at Saybrook Graduate School; and the third part of her life has focused on Spirit, after decades of study and experience Dr. Smith was recently ordained as a shamanic minister.

In the southwest, Dr. Smith worked as Research Coordinator for Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and has since worked extensively as a private research contractor for individuals, businesses, and organizations around the United States and abroad.

She trained as a remote viewer with several of the ex-military remote viewers: Paul Smith and Lyn Buchanan and was a founding member of the International Remote Viewing Association. Dr. Smith has trained hundreds of individuals in remote viewing, OBEs and psi disciplines. Dr. Smith is also an author. She published Remote Perceptions (1998) and Diary of an Abduction (2001) (Hampton Roads). Her recent books are Shire (2006) and River of Passion (2007) (Publish America). She also works as a life coach and shamanic practitioner in Boulder City, NV. Dr. Smith is currently working on a novel based on her early years working in Colombia, as well as a book on longevity and simple living.

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