Saturday, April 9, 2011

James Gilliland | Transcending in the Midst of Chaos


James Gilliland discussed the most recent attempt by the government to shut down the ECETI Ranch and what he is doing to save it. Apparently, there is a concerted effort to curtail the dissemination of information that will assist humanity in the ascension process. We discussed current world events and how to transcend in the midst of chaos. ECETI continues to operate and a conference is scheduled as usual for this year.

James Gilliland is an author, minister, transpersonal intuitive counselor, visionary, and founder of Sattva Sanctuary (the Self Mastery Earth Institute), and ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). His books include: A Reunion with Source , Becoming Gods 2, and the soon to be released Ultimate Soul Journey. He is also featured in two videos, Project Contact, and The Keys to Utopia. After a Near Death experience, James was expanded into what he calls interdimensional mind. This greater awareness brought him into a greater understanding of the vast interdimensional multiverses in which we live.

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