Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exotica Radio - Duncan O'Finioan: Part 2-"Stormbringer"


April 2, 2011-The second part of the conversation ties together some looses ends from part one with some questions answered, and some comments questioned. We go deep into the structures of the elite families, the inner workings of justice and eforcement when "they" step over the's too late for "them" to change sides; the future battle, the end game...what will it look like, and the choices to be made, the need to PREPARE; spiritual warfare on multiple levels; racism, false internet "insiders", a false peace and prosperity cycle before the big smack down?...we also discuss the Tuscon, AZ shooter Jared Loughner as MKUltra, and Duncan's analysis of the events...and: "read between the lines..."

Duncan, and his partner/body guard, "Axe" will return for another round soon. - Randy Maugans

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