Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gulf Military Operation awards unit for spraying 149,000 gallons Corexit

By Deborah Dupre | Examiner.com

March 8, 2011-The Air Force is honoring 910th Airlift Wing in Vienna for spraying Corexit according to Air Force Reserve Command�s announcement Friday, reported by the Tribune Chronicle that calls the event a last year�s incident and refers to it at an "oil spill."

The 910th is being honored with the ��Air Force Outstanding Unit Award�� recognizing the airlift wing for outstanding achievement from April 28 to June 4, 2010, when it sent two specially equipped C-130H aircraft and the associated personnel and support crew to Stennis International Airport in Mississippi to aid in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup efforts.

While "deployed to the Gulf Coast, the aircrews flew 92 sorties and sprayed 30,000 acres with nearly 149,000 gallons of dispersant."

Head of public relations, Maj. Brent Davis said the last time the unit received the award was 13 years ago and it�s an honor to win it for a specific mission.

��It�s something that just doesn�t happen,�� Davis said.

It is unknown how many of his unit are suffering the same deadly effects from Corexit as thousand along the Gulf Coast are from the military biochemical operation.

The suffering throughout the Gulf Coast region - from ongoing "flu," bleeding from all orifices, chemical pneumonia, antibiotic resistant MRSA-like infections and miscarriages - is also "something that just doesn�t happen. Article from: examiner.com

910th Airlift Wing receives Air Force award