Sunday, March 6, 2011

George Ure on TMRN, March 5, 2011

Source: Time Monk Radio Network,,

George Ure has been a renaissance man type since he left the corporate world in 2002 after stints as a big city news director, vice president of an international airline, battery state of charge instrumentation marketing guru and software strategic planner. In addition to an MBA, George is equally comfortable on a tractor, doing plumbing and wiring, flying airplanes and writing about his long-time love�something called �long wave economics�. To say his outlook on the next few years is grim understates the short-term outlook for bad, bad, and worse. But he shares with others (like Dr. Jack Lessinger�s work) the outlook for a much better world sometime after 2020 when �responsible capitalism arrives and the end of �little King� capitalism (me�me�me�damn it, it�s all about ME!) capitalism dies off from the weight of its own compounding sins�.� provides daily business news analysis and financial market coverage from the long wave (longwave) economic perspective. Since 1996, the site has expressed the view that traditional constant-expansion corporate business models would all collapse some day and that we'd eventually be forced to move toward green (sustainable) business models - the new economics of responsible capitalism - or perish.