Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exotica Radio | Mothman Speaks with Andy Colvin

Source: exotica-radio.com, Blog of Andy Colvin

Old red eyes is back.
No, not Andy Colvin...the Mothman. The legendary guru-da...creature of dark omens, and legend of Point Pleasant West Virginia. We talk with author/photographer/film maker, Andrew Colvin about all things synchronistic and random...this is an extended podcast-only version of the interview.
Andy Colvin shares his personal story of the Mothman Prophecy: a vision of the 9-11 World Trade Center collapse...as a child in 1967 with his friends in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. What the Mothman represents in a world of synchronicity---an organizing principle that defines the Fortean phenomena around us. 
Conspiracy talk, UFOs, John Keel, the military-industrial complex, the mysterious Indrid Cold and some insights into a creative aspects of the  paranormal. Random...synchronistic...and exotic. ~Randy Maugans

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