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Tamburlaine - Rebirth (New Zealand 1973)

Tamburlaine - Rebirth (New Zealand 1973, Tartar SLC-118)
(Mega Rare New Zealand Folk-Psychedelic 1973)

* DENNIS LEONG gtr, vcls A
* SIMON MORRIS bs, vcls A B
* STEVE ROBINSON gtr, vcls A B
* ROB WINCH gtr, vcls  B

- 1 SAY NO MORE (Tartar SLC-105) 1972 R3
- 2 REBIRTH (Tartar SLC-118) 1973 R2

- 1 The Raven And The Nightingale/Lady Wakes Up (PS) (Tartar TR 001) 1972
- 2 The Reaper/Up Against The Wall (PS) (Tartar TR 004) 1972
- 3 Sunny Side/Lady Wakes Up (PS) (Tartar TR 006) 1973
An electric / acoustic folk band from Wellington whose albums are now very rare.
 ~ (CF) http://alextsu.narod.ru/borderlinebooks/nz/t1.html.

01. New World
02. Maybe It's True
03. All In The Way
04. Love Song In G Minor
05. Sleeper Awake
06. Some Other Day
07. Sunny Side
08. Rebirth

The 1973 album by this New Zealand group was very much a folk-rocky relic of the late hippie era.
The briskly strummed guitars, ebullient vocal harmonies, and relentlessly sunny lyrical glow of some cuts are like those of guys who�ve taken Traffic�s �You Can All Join In� as their manifesto. Because it�s all done without a pinch of irony, it�ll drive those with a limited taste for feel-good rock up the wall and out the door. If you do enjoy gung ho folk-rock with a can-do rural flavor, though, it�s well executed, but derivative. There are echoes of not only Traffic at their most pastoral, but also Crosby, Stills & Nash�s harmonizing on songs like �Wooden Ships,� as well as (less expectedly) some of the cartwheeling constructions of Yes � a band that did have some folk-rock influences, though those haven�t been widely acknowledged. Medieval melodic influences also pop up, as do, perhaps, the very lightest shades of the folkiest moments
of the late-�60s Beatles.
 ~ AMG.

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