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Furek�ben - Furek�ben, 2nd lp (Den 1971 rare psych folk)

Furek�ben - Furek�ben, 2nd lp (Den 1971 rare psych folk)

Formed: 1968, Denmark
Disbanded: 1972 

* Hans Vinding (guitar, vocals),
* Thorbj�rn Thomsen (guitar, vocals),
* Mikkel Bayer (cello),
* S�ren Barfoed (flute, 1968-69),
* Vivi Jo Heede (vocals),
* Jens Thorning Hansen (guitar, 1969-72),
* Anthony Barnett (flute, percussion, 1969-72),
* Emmerik Warburg (flute, 1969-72),
* Steen Claesson (violin, guitar, 1971-72)

Related Artists: Hyldemor, Burnin Red Ivanhoe.

Also Known As: Furekaaben
Genres: Psychedelic Folk

A1. Den gule filthatmand   8:55
A2. Kom lad os dulme vores nerver lidt   13:45
B1. L�dersexdress   19:55

From hippie collective formed around guitarist and singer Hans Vinding. Furekaaben came from Denmark, famous for also releasing the legendary Moses LP! Drifting HEAD music. Exotic trippy dreamy textures with tabla, zither, Indian flutes, acoustic guitar, cello, etc. A real acid-psychedelic jewel out of the Scandinavian psych scene. The real deal for fans of Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, No Neck Blues Band, Surburned Hand, the Black Velvet Fuckere collective and Tower Recordings.
 ~ By evermoreblues.
As the great mail order catalog writer Paul Major once wrote, listening to Furekaaben is like "peeking through the bushes at an ancient mystic religious ceremony." That encapsulates the sound of both of these Christiana albums better than I could hope to achieve. I suppose the original Berlin commune group Amon Duul (sans II) is a guidepost, but Furekaaben are far more exotic, and rather than pound mercilessly on whatever percussive instruments are lying around, they choose a far more melodic route - though not in any kind of traditional sense. I also can hear the New York utopian group Children of One as a possible comparison. The first album managed a release on the Danish cult label Spectator. The second is an extremely rare private pressing, that I somehow managed to own for a number of years. If the psych scene existed in the year 723, this is probably how it would've sounded. Ancient roots stuff here folks.
 ~ By Ashratom (RYM).
A genuine rarity, only released in 1971 as a follow-up to their �Prinsessevaerelset� album but way rarer since it was released in an edition of 100 copies. Music wise, it takes the basic ingredients of their first recording towards the next level of ecstatic orgasms. This self-intitled disc that came housed in a plain hardcover brown sleeve is a masterpiece of experimental acid folk jams. The music is completely stoned, propelled out of collective improvisation, almost throbbing along as some secret ceremonial procession. Again the music is essentially free form acid folk and its psychic maze reverberates off equal amounts of folk, free jazz, ethnic smash�n�grabs and a doze of avant-garde elements incorporating cello, oriental flutes, sanza, zither, gong, cymbal, bells, tabla, guitars, and lots of percussion instruments.
This is a music you have to undergo while sipping orange juice and wearing velvet underwear, at night with a head full of acid, with your nuts on fire and dancing to the beat of these thundering low-fidelity outbursts. Panoramic and kaleidoscopic at the same time, ending somewhere else while joined with pale riders galloping towards its blasted end-zone. Deliriously addictive. A must. Price: 400 Euro
 ~ Internet source.

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