Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dr. Stoyan Sarg | UFO Propulsion Technology


February 2011�Stoyan Sarg joined us last night and spoke about his work over the years in Physics. He shared his views on gravity as it applies to UFO propulsion systems and why UFOs seem to shimmer and change color while in earth's atmosphere. We also spoke about why the scientific community regards the topic of UFOs and how original skeptical views are changing.

We had a very interesting discussion about Space and the Universe and the possibility that theoretical hypothesis's like expanding universe and the big bang are not conclusions. We also covered the older theory of Aether and what Stoyan's experiments have attempted to show. ~Spectrum Radio Network

Bio Dr. Stoyan Sarg

Dr. Stoyan Sarg - Sargoytchev is a Bulgarian born Canadian. He holds engineering diploma and PhD in Physics in the field of space research. From 1976 to 1990 he was involved in space projects sponsored by the program Intercosmos coordinated by the former Soviet Union.

He participated also a collaborative project with the European Space Agency. For his pioneering work he was rewarded with medals from Intercosmos, Russia and Bulgaria. In 1990 he was invited as a visiting scientist by Cornel University and worked in Arecibo Observatory, P.R. on a Lidar project funded by the NSF (USA).

This was the place where the first SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program was operated before 1985 using the world largest radiotelescope � radar. In 1991 he immigrated to Canada, where he worked on projects coordinated by the Canadian Space Agency. Since 2002 he is with the York University, Toronto, Canada. He has over 50 publications in peer review journals and a few patents related to space research.