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Saft - Saft (Norway 1971)

Saft - Saft (Norway 1971, Prog Psych)

Formed: December 1969, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Disbanded: 1974 //

* Ove Thue (vocals),
* Trygve Thue (vocals, guitar),
* Tom Harry Halvorsen (keyboards, flute, 1969-72),
* Magne Lunde (bass, 1969-72),
* Rolf Skogstrand (drums, 1969-72),
* Rune Walle (guitar, 1972-74),
* Kaare �yvind Moldestad (bass, 1972-74),
* Gunnar Bergstr�m (drums, 1972-74)

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01. Introduction (0:19)
02. Couple Of Freaks (7:15)
03. Eleanor Rigby (2:23)
04. Fj�svise (2:17)
05. Don't Look Back (2:38)
06. All The Time (4:55)
07. Fly (4:07)
08. This Is Not Today (3:21)
09. Opus 1 (4:32)
10. Min (2:57)
11. So Long (3:09)

Saft was a band from the Norwegian city of Bergen, formed in 1969-70, and disbanded in the spring of 1974. They've had several re-unions since then. Saft were one of the first bands in Norway to sing in nynorsk. (�Fj�svise� in 1971), and one of the first to mix hardingfiddle with rock (�Halling� with Sigbj�rn Berntoft Osa in 1973). Saft also wrote musical history when they won �Europatoppen� with the song �People In Motion� in November 1971.
Their debutalbum �Saft� was the first of three major albums the band recorded. The musical was unusually varied, ranging from progressive rock, Norwegian middle-age ballads, classical music and heavy metal. The best known song from the album is �All The Time�. Ove Thue had based the lyrics around a slogan originating from the USA during the Vietnam war: �Fighting for freedom is like fucking for virginity�. This was used as the chorus, which too proved too much for the BBC. The powerful radiochannel refused to play the album when it was send in as a Norwegian contribution to Europatoppen in 1971. Saft replied by printing �Censored by BBC� on the cover to the single � which showed a photograph of a naked Ove Thue. The record was eventually played, but the naughty words were bleeped out.
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