Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mats Glenng�rd - Kosterl�ge (Sweden 1972)

Mats Glenng�rd - Kosterl�ge (Sweden 1972)

Born: April 18, 1952, Sweden

Currently: Nacka, Sweden

Member of:
Kebnekaise, Los Companiddros

Genres: Psych-folk

A1. Natthimlen 2:22
A2. Kosterl�ge 7:21
A3. J�rans L�t 0:22
A4. Djuret 5:27
A5. Berget Heter Bonden 2:00
B1. Allt p� Denna Runda Jord 4:48
B2. Tong�ng till T�by 1:19
B3. Det Sn�ar P� Mitt Huvud 10:59

Wonderful personal LP by Kebnekaise violinist. Relesed in 1972 through the much collectable GUMP label. From the pic sleeve I assume that it is based on the fairy tale of the violinist and the rats. Great floating psych folk,with some freaky prog touches.
~ by Mutantsounds.

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