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Paul Hibbets - Childhood Dream (us 1974)

Paul Hibbets - Childhood Dream (us 1974)

* Paul Hibbets (vocals, guitar, percussion),
* Mike kizziah (keyboard, vocals),
* Brent Hubbard (lead guitar, vocals),
* Zane Nicholson (bass guitar, vocals),
* Mark Vinson (drums, percussion).

01. How to Love You 5:12
02. On The Way Back Home 2:54
03. Resurrection Perfection 4:44
04. A Better Day 3:49
05. Glory Lady 2:46
06. Love God�s Little Children 3:55
07. Manifestations 2:12
08. Echoes 3:49
09. Donna 5:00

Paul Hibbets hailed from Rome, Georgia and had a childhood dream to release an album by the time he was 25. The resulting Private pressing album, originally released in 1974, is a superb slice of dreamy Christian folk/psych rock with fuzz and keyboards and has been favourably compared to Azitis and Joe Peace.There is plenty of huge swirling organ reminiscent of Focus especially on �How to Love You� and �Resurrection Perfection�. That West coast country Allman Brothers / CSNY feel on �On The Way Back Home� and �A Better Day�. However there is a strong commercial folk rock feel throughout which would have provided some good AOR FM plays with �Glory Lady�, �Echoes� and especially the excellent Doobie Brothers influenced �Manifestations�. There are plenty of fuzz licks and breaks throughout and especially on the standout track �Love God�s Little Children�. The musicianship also has a high degree of consistency throughout and these factors all add up to make this album stand out as one of the very best Christian rock albums.
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It is presented here for the first time on CD.
As with all Erebus Records titles this was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

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