Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apartment One - Open House (Netherlands 1970)

Apartment One - Open House (Netherlands 1970)
Pink Elephant - PE 877013 [recordings 1969, vinyl rip]

Formed: Netherlands
Also Known As: Serpentine

A1. Step Inside 4:10
A2. Fuzz Buzz 3:00
A3. Eternal Moralist 3:10
A4. Dictionary 2:30
A5. Summer Term 3:52
B1. Dragstream 3:08
B2. Like a Queen 3:15
B3. Going Up Town 3:11
B4. Try and Bye a Try 3:17
B5. Whats Going On 3:40

Straightforward hard psych record. Sounds more like what was happening in the 1960s Dutch scene with albums from Cosmic Dealer, The Outsiders and Q65. Some good fuzz and older organ sounds. Opening track on each side is instrumental, and represents the best material. Also reminds me of the vast boneyard of US post psych albums from 1970 on labels like Paramount, ABC, Epic, Rare Earth and Mercury.
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