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Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (Austria 1972)

Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (Austria 1972)
(1972 lp usa Basf Records 21115)

* Charly Ratzer - guitar, vocals
* Jano Stojka - drums, skins, percussion
* Kurt Hauenstein - bass, vocal, piano
* Peter Wolf - organ, fender-piano, piano, vibraharp
* George Doggette - hot air and a few syllables
* Richard Schonherz - keyboards, vocals
* Meme, Doris, Stefanie: vocals
* Demmer, Politzer, Salomon, Meerwald, Meisinger: brass

Side One
01. Just A Little Love (5:38)
02. There Is Something In Your Mind (4:35)
03. Every Time I See Your Smile (7:26)
04. I Observed So Many Changes (4:47)
Side Two
01. Let Me Come Over (3:10)
02. Don't Be Surprised (5:45)
03. She Smiles (7:33)
04. In Search (1:27)
05. What's It All About (4:30)

German 1st Press On BASF Label From 1972 "Made In Germany" Stamped In The Dead Wax Area....Great Early 70's German Prog/Psych Album Recalling The Likes Of Epitaph, Birth Control Etc...The 1st Gipsy Love LP....Very Rare & Hard To Find These Days!!
Their self-titled debut album, released on the BASF label in 1972. Gipsy Love were an Austrian Anglo-American styled hard rock band who's music style had elements of mainstream rock and progressive rock, with a few jazzy moments. They released a second album, "Here We Come", in the same year, and split. Interestingly, bassist Kurt Hauenstein went on to find fame with disco band Supermax in the mid 70's!
~ Internet Source.
The Gipsy Love debut is one of the rarer early 70's German / Austrian krautrock psych prog albumsThis is a great original copy of an LP that was never easy to find to begin with! The music is spectacular! It ranges from mellow to electric rock, to progressive folk, with hints of jazz, blues, heavy "Kraut-Rock" to American Indian influenced moves! Super searing acid guitar, heavy bass grooves, mellow piano & guitar segues, make this a "potpourri" of early 70's progressive rock.
~ Internet Source.

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