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Blops - Blops (Chile 1970)

Blops - Blops (Chile 1970)

Formed: 1964, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Country: Chile
Genre: Folk Rock
Style: Progressive Folk / Psychedelic Folk

* Julio Villalobos (vocals, guitars, 1964-72),
* Alejandro Greene (guitars, 1964-66),
* Pedro Greene (drums, 1964-70, 2001-03),
* Andres Orrego (vocals, 1966�69),
* Felipe Orrego (guitars, 1968-69),
* Juan Pablo Orrego, (vocals, bass, 1966-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Eduardo Gatti (vocals, guitars, 1969-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute, 1969-73),
* Sergio Bezard (drums, 1969-73),
* Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-73),
* Carlos Fernandez (guitars, keyboards, 1974, 2001-03),
* Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion, 1978-81),
* Andres Pollak (keyboards, 2001-02).

01. Barroquita
02. Los Momentos
03. La Muerte del rey
04. Niebla
05. Vertigo
06. La Manana y el Jardin
07. Santiago el Oscurece el Pelo en el Agua
08. Patita
09. Atlantico
10. Maquinaria

This is the debut self titled album from Blops. They had a pretty vanguardist proposal at the time. It was an experimental album of poetry and beautiful hippie rock that includes flutes, acoustic guitars, but also some electric guitar solos. Eduardo Gatti sings only on "Los Momentos" and "Valle De Los Espejos" both beautiful acoustic ballads. "Los Momentos" was the most popular song in Chile at the beginnings of the 70's along with Los Jaivas "Todos Juntos". It's quite funny the story about how "Los Momentos" got included in the album. Gatti wrote the song where he was on Europe at a clinic in Paris and he wasn't quite sure if the song was good enough to be part of the record, so he showed it to the rest of the band while Blops were finishing the recordings for the album. Everybody loved the song and it got included at the very last moment. Since that and even today it is one of the most remembered songs from those times and it's a classic that people keeps on singing it when someone at a friends reunion pick up a guitar in order to play it. but the album stands out for more than just "Los Momentos". It has wonderful melodies and great songs by one of the most influential Chilean bands of the 70's. In my opinion this album is better than their second one Del Volar De Las Palomas and it's quite different from the progressive rock album Locomotora which is also awesome, but has an entirely different sound.
~ by Multiverse (RYM).

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