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Warlus - Songs (France 1975, Acid-Psych)

Warlus - Songs (France 1975, Acid-Psych)

* Richard Maubert - Bass, Guitar, Electric Guitar and vocals.
* Pascal Ducourhoux - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Harpsychord, Guitar, Vocals.

01. Listen To The Warlus
02. Geegee03. Girl Like You
04. My Souvenir
05. Blues Man'Blues
06. Blues For A Friend
07. Hello ! My Friend
08. Be My Love
09. You?
10. Good Night The Day...

Recording sessions took place in 1975 at an old Theatre named Val de Gally where they set the recording equipment and two Revox machines. In 1976, new home recordings done at a Paris flat were added to the final mix.
Released as a private edition of only 200 copies in 1977 on the private Joint label (but recorded two years earlier, in 1975), Warlus Songs could be regarded as the king of all French 70s obscure private pressings.Warlus was the brainchild of young musician Richard Maubert, who created a mini- masterpiece of twisted, melancholic fuzzed-out psychedelic pop, with a charming homemade sound/production and druggy atmosphere. Sung in English, it also brings to mind some obscure USA private pressings like Kath. This is a very special record that will appeal to both psych aficionados and fans of 70s DIY weirdness.If you like other French private pressings like Dandelion and Les Temps Heureux, you�ll be amazed when you hear Warlus.
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"There exist a few French rarities issued during the seventies that had both '60s Anglo-Saxon references (implying English only lyrics), acoustic guitars, a distinguished underground flavour (implying a skinny production), psychedelic background... and no recognition at all.Warlus is one of them.Distant (drums and electric guitar parts are rather far-out), slightly echoed "ballroom" sound, acoustic guitar all along : the sixties are not very far away here.Looping ballads, soft -male only- acid folk voice, very nicely used sound effects, musically a little "light" by parts (deserved a producer).Compositions are slow but good (deserved a little more rock), a little too slow for sure at today's scale (no groove, sorry), but this is the very charm of this album."
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