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Caedmon - Caedmon's Dream (uk 1978 folk-rock)

Caedmon - Caedmon (uk 1978-Kissing Spell)

Formed 1973, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Angela Naylor (Lead vocals, 1973-78),
Jim Bisset (Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals),
Simon Jaquet (Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bongos, vocals),
Sam Wilson (bass, vocals),
Ken Patterson (keyboards, cello, acoustic guitar, vocals)

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01. Ten Maidens Fair
02. Maker Man
03. Death of a Fox
04. Sea Song
05. Aslan
06. Beyond the Second Mile
07. Living in the Sunshine
08. Storm
09. Columbas' Song
10. Smile on Your Face
11. Caedmon's Hymn
12. Give Me Jesus

Named after a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon poet-monk, CAEDMON began as a trio of veterinary students from Edinburgh University in 1973. The group�s early repertoire consisted of traditional folk and spirituals, as well as cover tunes. The band expanded to a quartet the following year and managed to stretch out their touring career nearly six years before disbanding where they began (at Edinburgh) in 1978. The band�s only studio album came as a result of a self-financed and produced private label recording with a pressing of just 500 copies. The band miscalculated the length of their tracks and ended up issuing a single that accompanied the vinyl album and which contained what would become tracks 6 and 12 on the 2002 Kissing Spell CD reissue.The band has claimed PENTANGLE and FAIRPORT CONVENTION among their musical influences, as well as fellow �Jesus freak� musicians WATER INTO WINE BAND, who they appeared with in concert on at least one occasion. They took much of the inspiration in their mildly spiritual lyrics from contemporaries such as LARRY NORMAN, PARCHMENT and AFTER THE FIRE.CAEDMON reunited in 2008 with hopes of making new music together, and are also working to collect and release some of their earlier unissued studio and live recordings.The band�s single studio work is generally highly regarded as a solid example of seventies Jesus movement music, as well as a classic acoustic prog folk album. ~ Bio by Bob Moore, aka ClemofNazareth.
In 1978, a small christian folk rock band in Edinburgh released a farewell album to celebrate six years of making music together. The album was made on a shoestring budget and only 500 copies were pressed. The musicians went their separate ways.Caedmon's privately issued 1978 LP, has since it's rediscovery in 1992, been established as an expensive collectors item, rated as the best folk-rock album ever made, perhaps 2nd only to �Mellow Candle�. The sublime sound of Caedmon results from an unusual blend of styles, the fragile female vocals, admirable use of tension and atmosphere, savage fuzz-guitar, art rock leanings - everything from exquisite understatement to frantic show-off musicianship - a classic, by golly! ~ Internet Source.

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