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Warm Dust - And It Came To Pass (uk 1970)

Warm Dust - And It Came to Pass (uk 1970)

Studio Album, released in 1970

- Dransfield "Les" Walker (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica)
- Paul Carrack (organ, piano, guitar)
- John Surgey (tenor & Alto saxophones, flute, oboe, clarinet, vibraphone)
- Alan Saloman (baritone, Tenor & Alto saxophones, flute, oboe, piano)
- Terry "Tex" Comer (bass, guitar, recorder)
- Dave Pepper (drums, percussion)

01. Turbulance (11:00)
02. Achromasia (7:13)
03. Circus (5:35)
04. Keep On Trucking (4:27)
05. And It Came To Pass (10:24)
06. Loosing Touch (7:44)
07. Blues For Pete (7:18)
08. Man Without A Straw (4:26)
09. Wash My Eyes (14:05)
10. Indian Rope Man (6:10)

Total Time: 78:22

Warm Dust was one of those obscure progressive rock bands that slipped through the cracks, but released three albums. This was an early band featuring Paul Carrack before he earned his fame with Ace ("How Long"), Sqeeze ("Tempted"), and of course Mike & the Mechanics, not to mention the solo albums he did in the '80s. Now I understand the name Paul Carrack might make many of you run like hell, but what he's done in Warm Dust is nothing like those groups I mentioned.In 1970, they released their debut album And It Came to Pass, and like Chicago when they were still Chicago Transit Authority or the Mothers of Invention's Freak Out, is one of the rare examples of a double album debut. Aside from Paul Carrack, the group also featured vocalist/guitarist Dransfield "Les" Walker, John Surgey on wind instruments (flute, sax, oboe, clarinet), Alan Salomen on additional wind instruments, Terry "Tex" Comer on bass and guitars, and Dave Pepper on drums and percussion. Frequently this band was described as Chicago meets Caravan, but they really weren't a brass rock band like Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and such British counterparts as The Greatest Show on Earth or IF, but musically they could also bring to mind such groups. For one thing, Warm Dust wasn't really a horn rock band, but sax and flute, on top of Paul Carrack's Hammond organ was what made up this band's sound. If anything, they remind me a bit of Web/Samurai (Dave Lawson's bands prior to Greenslade that had a sound dominated by wind instruments)...
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