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San Ul Lim - Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart Vol. 2 (South Korea 1978 Psychedelic Rock)

San Ul Lim - As Laying Carpet on My Mind [Vol. 2] (South Korea 1978)

01 Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart
02 Let's Sing
03 A Flower in the Mist
04 Two Of Us
05 Like a Child Sleeping on a Shoulder
06 Lay Silk on My Heart [Demo]
07 Let's Sing [Demo]
08 It Bloomed One Day
09 What Am I to Do
10 This Joy
11 It Really Looks Like It
12 My Love is Leaving

Their second album was released After five months in 1978. They tried to define their musical genre on this album. They had added organ sounds by their sister Kim Nan Suk. Especially the most important thing is that not only Korean music fans but also Korean music mania outside Korea had been wildly excited by their music. Their music became more psychedelic and interomptu.
Dusty Groove description: The middle child in the mighty Seoul combo San Ul Lim's trio successive garage/psych masterpieces of the late 70s -- and San Ul Lim 2 might be the best and most adventurous of the lot -- full of spacey, more experimental passages! If San Ul Lim 1 was the most sunshine rock oriented set, and San Ul Lim 3 flirted with hard rock, album 2 splits the difference with a little bit of groovy prog elements and lots of spacey organ! The tunes have some more languorous, moody bits that are rich with atmosphere and some really sweet work on bass, fuzzy guitars and the swirling organ -- but the group's excellent ear for melody and a catchy groove are still very much intact! 10 tracks in all. (The booklet includes a an essay translated into English, but no English tracklist.)

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