Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jumble Lane - Jumble Lane (uk 1971 Acid Psych)

Jumble Lane - Jumble Lane (uk Acid Psych 1971) (Holyground HG 115)

01. Prelude In D Minor Allemande
02. Girl From Gothenburg
03. Flutelode
04. Blues For Joanne
05. Five In A Van
06. Red Hot Daddy (Reprise)
07. Frustration Ends Away
08. Little Frederique
09. The Shipper, Rock Me Babe
10. Organics Red Hot Daddy
11. Gallery, The
12. Preserve
13. Train Ago Last Saturday (bonus)

Another of these ultra rare privately-pressed albums, this was one of the rarest released on the Wakefield-based Holyground label but was recorded by a local college band. Only 99 copies were pressed and according to 'Record Collector', it begins with a couple of dull folk instrumentals before going through some wholly unexpected and bizarre changes; long before the end it becomes completely uncategorisable
Originally released on the fabled Holyground label - and recorded in 1971 by students who later went on to work with Bill Nelson and other Holyground acts - only 99 copies of this album were made. Consequently this reissue will be much sought after by collectors. Mixing elements of folk and jazz into a progressive and sometime psychedelic stew, this is an interesting release that lives up to its reputation.

*Bill Nelson appears: Astral Navigations, Gagalactyca, Be-Bop Deluxe... etc.


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