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Velvet Underground - Live at The Gymnasium (us 1967)

The Velvet Underground - Live at the Gymnasium (us 1967)

Formed: 1965, New York, NY, United States Disbanded: 1973 //

John Cale (viola, bass, keyboards, vocals, 1965-68),
Angus Maclise (drums, percussions, 1965),
Sterling Morrison (guitar, bass, vocals, 1965-71),
Nico (vocals, 1966-67),
Lou Reed (vocals, guitar, 1965-70),
Maureen Tucker (drums, vocals),
Billy Yule (drums, 1970),
Doug Yule (bass, organ, vocals, 1968-73),
Mark Nauseef (drums, 1972-73),
Willie Alexander (guitars, keyboard, vocals, 1971-72),
Walter Powers (bass, vocals, 1971-72)

A1 I'm Not a Young Man Anymore 7:17
A2 Guess I'm Falling in Love 4:18
A3 I'm Waiting for the Man 5:24
A4 Run Run Run 6:55
B1 Sister Ray 18:55

The Gymnasium bootleg is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground & Nico acetate that inspired an online bidding frenzy in 2006. Found by collector Warren Hill in 2002 as he flipped through some fire-damaged LPs in Chelsea, New York, the acetate contained songs from the famous album of the same name, easily recognizable by the peelable banana by iconic artist Andy Warhol on the cover. That album was released in 1967, but the acetate is thought to contain earlier recordings. According to, the acetate contains previously unheard versions of the songs recorded in April of 1966 at Scepter Studios.
The Velvet Underground & Nico acetate eventually sold for $155,401 on eBay, shattering the previously held record for the most expensive LP to be sold on the site. Many fans hoped the album�s discovery and sale might mean they could eventually buy a copy of the album themselves, but legal disputes concerning ownership of the material have so far prevented this from happening.
Some doubts have been raised by fans and critics concerning the newly discovered recording�s rarity and authenticity. Pitchfork reports that the song �I�m Not A Young Man Anywhere� was in fact performed on April 30, 1967, which could be the version heard on the album. Furthermore, many fans insist the album sounds more like the work of a top-notch cover band than the actual Velvets itself.
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