Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tobruk - Ad Lib (Brazil 1972)

Tobruk - Ad Lib (Brazil 1972)

Formed: United States
Currently: Brazil

* Brian Anderson (slide guitar, lead vocals),
* Key Wilson (organ, piano, Moog),
* Lois Gee Brahman (lead guitar, effects),
* Ronnie Wells (bass, vocals),
* Billy Rogers (drums, backing vocals)

01. I'm in Love With You 4:13
02. Theme From My Mind 3:36
03. Queens Are Made 4:41
04. Hello Crazy People 2:33
05. Heart of a Sound Spirit 3:00
06. Ad Lib 12:34
07. Send It for Tomorrow 4:20

Tobruk was formed by some Brazilian guys living in North America, and this wonderful album got released in 1972 on the Cash Box label (sometimes you can see the album named as if Cash Box was its title).
It's a pretty good psychedelic album with an astounding, original sound based in fuzz, organ, psychedelic effects and an eerie atmosphere. It's completely sung in English as well.
500 copies vinyl reissue, with remastered sound.

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