Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up...It's Tomorrow (us 1968)

Formed: 1967, Glendale, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1971 //

Ed King (guitar, vocals),
Gary Lovetro (bass, vocals, 1967-68),
Randy Seol (drums, vocals, 1967-68),
Lee Freeman (guitar, vocals),
Mark Weitz (keyboards, vocals, 1969-69),
George Bunnell (bass, vocals, 1967-68),
Jimmy Pitman (guitar, vocals, 1968-69),
Marty Katon (drums, vocals, 1968-69),
Gene Gunnels (drums, vocals, 1969-71),
Paul Marshall (vocals, 1969-71)

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Thee Sixpence
Genres: Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Rock

The Songs:
01. Nightmare Of Percussion
02. Soft Skies, No Lies
03. Tomorrow
04. They Saw The Fat One Coming
05. Curse Of The Witches06. Sit With The Guru
07. Go Back (Your Going The Wrong Way)
08. Pretty Song From Psych-Out
09. Sitting On A Star
10. Black Butter Past
11. Black Butter Present
12.Black Butter Future
13. Tomorrow (mono)
14. Sit With The Guru (mono)

Producers: Frank Slay and Bill Holmes
Engineers: Paul Buff and Jack Hunt
Arrangements: SAC
Vocal Arrangements: Howard Davis

What many consider to be their finest moments on record, "Wake Up" is an excellent LP from start to end. Much like their first LP, the group dominated the song writting and great tunes are the fore! This was the first LP by the now 5 piece Alarm Clock, Gary Lovetro had left prior to the recording of this LP. Also around this time, the band was featured in the movie "Psych-Out" in which they performed the theme song and played at the club.

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