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San Ul Lim - Ah! Already Vol.1 (South Korea 1977 Psychedelic Rock)

San Ul Lim - Oh, Already [Vol. 1] (South Korea 1977 Psychedelic Rock)

Formed: 1976, Seoul, South Korea

Chang Wan Kim - (guitar, keyboards, vocals),
Chang Ik Kim - (drums),
Chang Hoon Kim - (bass)

Also Known As: A Mu-Lee, San Ul Rim
Genres: Psychedelic Rock

01. (ANi BeolSseo) = "Already" 5:38
02. (AMa NeutJeun YeoReumIEotSeul GeoYa) = "Perhaps, It Was a Late Summer" 6:19
03. (GolMokGil) = "An Alley" 4:11
04. (AnTaGgaWun MaEum) = "Frustrated" 4:10
05. (Geu EolGul Geu MoSeup) = "That Face, That Look" 3:22
06. (BulGgotNolI) = "Fireworks" 4:01
07. (Mun Jom YeolEoJwo) = "Please Open the Door" 5:59
08. (SoNyeo) = "A Girl" 4:14
09. (CheongJa [ARiRang]) = "Blue Porcelain" 7:42

Short Biography:
San Ul Lim is Korean and means "the rumbling of a mountain". This band began their musical life as a hobby roughly around 1976 because the members were only college students who love and play rock music. The three members are real brothers. A big hit of their first album, however, enabled them to continue their recordings through the late 70s to the early 80s. But two of the brothers left the music business to pursue their careers. Only the eldest, Chang Wan Kim, was left to remain as "San Ul Lim" from the mid 80s.
~ (RYM)

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