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Rainbow Band - Rainbow Band (Denmark 1970)

Rainbow Band - Rainbow Band (Denmark 1970)

Formed: 1970, Kobenhavn, Denmark
Disbanded: 1971 //
Related Artists: The Beethovens, Maxwells, Young Flowers
Notes: Split - Midnight Sun / Rainbow Band
Also Known As: Midnight Sun

Lars Bisgaard (vocals, 1970-71),
Bent Hesselmann (saxophone, flute),
Peer Frost (guitars),
Carsten Smedegaard (drums),
Niels Bronsted (piano),
Bo Stief (bass),
Allan Mortensen (vocals, 1971)

01. Where Do You Live 4:27
02. King Of The Sun 5:06
03. Nobody 4:57
04. B.M. 2:45
05. Where Are You Going To Be 2:48
06. Living On The Hill 14:13
07. Rainbow Song 3:49

For all you crazy collectors out there: There exists two versions of this fine Danish psych/progressive classic: One (the one many connisseurs considers the best) recorded with singer Lars Bisgaard and released late 1970. When Allan Mortensen replaced Bisgaard in December 1970 four new tracks were laid down, while Mortensen recorded new vocals for the remaining three tracks. This version was released in February 1971. So in essence we're talking two different albums, though of course there are plenty of similarities. To confuse matters further the albums were released with identical sleeves and on the same label with the same number: Sonet 1523. So you have to open the gatefold to find out which version you've got. Just to set the record straight: My copy is version 2 with Mortensen singing; as he possesses a fine gospel-tinged voice I find it quite good though I definitely would like to hear the other version someday just to compare. If you can get a hold of the fine twofer Rainbow Band / Midnight Sun (from 1979) you get both the albums in one go! Later in 1971 the group changed its name to Midnight Sun as they got into trouble with a Canadian band also calling themselves Rainbow Band - alas, the latter had copyrighted the name! As such they recorded two fine albums bordering on jazz-fusion with yet another singer by the name of Frank Lauridsen. This band I saw several times as the group's very accomplished guitar-player Peer Frost was quite a hero on the early 70's Danish music-scene.
~ by Drifterdk (RYM)

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