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Pepper Tree - You're My People (Can 1971)

Pepper Tree - You're My People (Can 1971)

Formed: 1967, NS, Canada
Disbanded: 1974

Tim Garagan (drums, vocals, 1967-73),
Ritchie Richmond (bass, 1967-69),
Lenny Brennan (guitar, 1967-69),
Tony Argent (guitar, 1967),
Bonnie Oulton (vocals, 1967-68),
Bob Quinn (keyboards, 1967-73),
Doug Billard (vocals, 1968-69),
Jim White (guitar, 1969-71),
Chris Brockway (bass, 1969-74),
Joel Zemel (guitar, 1971),
Matt Minglewood (guitar, vocals, 1971),
Terry Hatty (vocals, 1971),
Rick Edgett (guitar, 1971),
Paul Butler (guitar, 1971),
Brian "Too Loud" Macleod (drums, 1973-74),
Ralph Parker (keyboards, 1973-74)

Related Artists: Central Nervous System, Chilliwack, Headpins, Molly Oliver, Wrabit
Also Known As: The Pepper Tree [1967-70]

01. You're My People
02. Carry On
03. How Many Times
04. Try
05. Airplane
06. Oh Yeah
07. Yellow Man
08. Turn Around
09. I Could Not Control It
10. From A Candle
11. Workin'
12. Everywhere
13. Love Is A Railroad
14. Love Is A Railroad (vinyl)
15. Mr Pride
16. Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Pepper Tree hailed from Nova Scotia and was formed in 1967. After a few years of saturating the club scene in Canada, the band finally landed a contract with Capitol Records in 1969. Producer, Jack Richardson, was drafted to produce a single which saw the band charting in their native country. Lineup changes ensued over the next year, until "You're My People" hit store shelves in 1971.
The album was a solid mix of folk, pop, prog and organ driven hard rock. With stellar harmonies and a real wealth of musical diversity, the album seemed poised for success, but for one reason or another that never came to pass. More lineup changes took place over the next two years with Capitol issuing numerous failed singles. By 1973, the band was belly up and members went on to such bands as Rhinegold, Molly Oliver, Hanover Fist, Wrabit, Lee Aaron, Chilliwack and Headpins. Many of them are still active in both performing and producing music.
Dig this relic of a bygone era that still commands the interest of collectors and aficionados worldwide. This stuff is fabulous and you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you hear :)
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