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Morning Dew - Morning Dew (us 1970)

Morning Dew - Morning Dew (us 1970)

Formed: Topeka, KS, United States

Mal Robinson (guitar),
Blair Honeyman (bass, vocals),
Don Anderson (organ, keyboards, ?-1970),
Don Sligar (drums),
Dave Howell (organ, keyboards, 1970-?),
Fredy Baumgart (guitar, 1971-?)

01. Crusader's Smile (3:42)
02. Upon Leaving (2:12)
03. Young Man (2:32)
04. Then Came The Light (4:15)
05. Cherry Street (4:09)
06. Gypsy (5:48)
07. Something You Say (4:29)
08. Country Boy Blue (2:39)
09. Save Me (3:40)
10. Epic: (4:33)
a. The Mann
b. Death Is A Dream

Morning Dew's 1967 self-titled LP has a distinct sound; it was the beginning of the psychedelic phase of rock music. And that is firmly in place on the record. According to the back cover of the LP it was released in 1971 on Big Seven Music. There are moments of a heavier metal sound, but very few. The peace, flowers, and summer of love influence abounds throughout most of this record. Check out the cover, this couple looks as though like they are frolicking in the fields of Woodstock. It's all very good rock music; in fact, this is a solid album without one throw-away on the entire recording. The musical style remains consistent throughout with the exception of one surprise, the closing track "Epic: The Mann/Death Is A Dream," which starts off with a Spanish flamenco guitar and then launches into one of their rockers, it's a step away from the norm and a nice change showing how the band was talented enough to go into an entirely different direction. For the most part the folk, rock, and psychedelic sounds are what dominate this record, and a nice balance is managed with male and female vocals taking turns. It's a great album!!! (review by Keith Hannaleck from

Aug.1969 Bob Gallo�s Talentmaster Recording Studio- New York City, New York

With a line up of Mal Robinson-lead guitar and lead vocals; Don Sligar-Drums; Don Anderson-rhythm guitar and keyboards; and Blair Honeyman-bass guitar and vocals the band entered the studio in New York to record the Roulette album. The recording consisted of  ten songs and the tracks were completed in about 30 hours with many songs using one take.  Lee DeCarlo was the recording engineer(who�s claim to fame was the engineer on the U.S. mix for Jumpin Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones) and Fred Munao was the Producer. This represented Munao�s first major project with Roulette, having previously worked with The Left Banke for another label. Songs included in the session were: �Something You Say�, �Then Came the Light�, �Cherry Street�, and �Young Man� previously recorded at Fairyland Studio and new additions to their sound �Crusader�s Smile�, �Upon Leaving�, �The Gypsy�, �Country Boy Blue�, �Save Me�, and �The Mann�/�Death is a Dream�.  All songs were written by Mal Robinson with the exception of �Save Me� which was co-written with Kerry Livgren of the band Kansas. Don Sligar and Mal Robinson had known Livgren playing in local bands and attending the local university. At the time the song was written, Livgren and Sligar were good friends and living together with several other musicians in Topeka.  Although the album�s main focus is the psychedelic rock sound, several easier listening songs are included.  Interestingly, Roulette leaned to wanting to use the easier listening sounds of �Country Boy Blue� and �Something You Say� for potential singles with the label. No singles were ever released and for some unknown reason the album did not get released until one year later in August, 1970.

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