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Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies - The American Metaphysical Circus (us 1969 Psychedelia)

Formed: 1968, CA, United States
Artwork Included

Pot - Piano, Conductor, Harpsichord
Ed Sheftel - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Christie Thompson - Vocals
Ernest "Ernie" Anderson - Voices
Fred Selden - Clarinet, Saxophones, Flute
Ted Greene - Guitar
Joseph Hunter Byrd - Organ, Producer, Vocals, Keyboards, Conductor, Synthesizer
Larry Kass - Tabla
Michael Whitney - Guitar (Classical)
Chuck Bennett - Bass Trombone
Victoria Bond - Vocals
Bob Breault - Engineer
Ray Cappocchi - Tuba, Tenor Trombone
Dana Chalberg - Flute, Piccolo
John Clauder - Percussion, Drums
Susan de Lange - Vocals, Electronic Voices
Meyer Hirsch - Flute, Saxophones
Don Kerian - Trumpet, Cornet
Gregg Kovner - Drums, Percussion
Tom Scott - Clarinet, Saxophones, Flute
Harvey Newmark - Bass (uncredited on album)
Harihar Rao - Percussion (uncredited on album)
Paul Welborne - audio reproduction consultant
Roger Phillip - assistant to Joseph Byrd

The Sub-Sylvian Litanies
01. "Kalyani" � 3:52
02. "You Can't Ever Come Down" � 3:02
03. "Moonsong: Pelog" � 3:47
American Bedmusic - Four Dreams For A Departing President
04. "Patriot's Lullabye" � 2:49
05. "Nightmare Train" � 3:20
06. "Invisible Man" � 3:33
07. "Mister 4th of July" � 1:48 Gospel Music For Abraham Ruddell Byrd III
08. "Gospel Music" � 4:29
The Southwestern Geriatrics Arts and Crafts Festival
09. "Sing-Along Song" � 4:05
10. "Elephant at the Door" � 5:13
11. "Leisure World" � 2:36
12. "Sing-Along Song (Reprise)" � 0:48

The American Metaphysical Circus is a landmark psychedelic recording of the late 1960's, largely unparalleled in having remained in print for nearly 20 years. It was recorded by Joseph "Joe" Byrd after his departure from the band The United States Of America, and featured some of the earliest recorded work in rock music utilizing extensive use of synthesizers and vocoder, along with an extended group of West Coast studio musicians he named as Joe Byrd and the
Field Hippies.

It has become a popular and oft-repeated misconception, with the more recent revival of interest in The United States of America, that The American Metaphysical Circus was not as popular or a commercial success, whereas factual information discussed by Byrd surrounding the Napster case and the experience of American record enthusiasts confirms exactly the opposite.
Prior to its re-release, mint vinyl copies of The American Metaphysical Circus were sold by collectors for prices sometimes in excess of $100US, and the both the original 1969 issue and 1996 CD still command premium prices on collector Web sites. Atlantis Records described the 1999 re-release as "sought after 60's American Psych/Electronic rock classic from United States of American mainman Joseph Byrd" . Gatefold Records offered "Welcome re-issue of the 1969 followup to the United States of America album (Joe Byrd was the leader of that group). Trippy Moog and electronics noodling mixed with stunning bursts of fuzzed out guitars and acid-damaged lyrics"...
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