Sunday, January 11, 2009

Isaiah - Isaiah (Austria 1974)

Isaiah - Isaiah (Austrian Krautrock 1975)

Formed: 1971, Tirol, Austria

Gerd Raabe (lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion),
Michael Bornhorst (tenor saxophone, clarinet),
Hans Gasser (bass),
Walter Reschauer (drums, percussion),
Edu Weber (lead guitars, backing vocals),
Hubertus Nolte (keyboards, backing vocals)
Related Artists: Alpendollar, Carin Cosa Latin Band

Very great Progressive Rock from Austria with hints of jazz in parts. The album has some beautiful guitar works and has a passionate sound and is full of feeling throughout, there is some great flutes and sax on the album and the result of this is fantastic.

Tracklist :
01. Jericho (3:46)
02. Summer Farewell (5:10)
03. Leave It All Behind (5:25)
04. Afterwards (7:38)
05. Prophet (8:45)

There are flutes and sax, it's sometimes very delicate and melodic, sometimes more jazzy or even funky, the result is amazing.One more not to be missed !

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