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Carol Of Harvest - Carol Of Harvest (Germany 1978)

Carol of Harvest - Carol of Harvest (Germany 1978)
Formed: Germany
Genres: Progressive Folk
* Beate Krause (vocals),
* Axel Schmierer (guitars),
* Jurgen Kolb (keyboards),
* Heinz Reinschlussel (bass),
* Robert Hogn (drums)

Track List:
01. Put On Your Nightcap (16:02)
02. You And Me (2:31)
03. Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow (6:26)
04. Treary Eyes (4:17)
05. Try A Little Bit (9:59)
06. River (Bonus) (2:36)
07. Sweet Heroin (Bonus) (7:04)
08. Brickstone (Bonus) (1:14)

Carol of Harvest played a dreamy blend of progressive rock and folk with female vocals that might be compared with Mellow Candle and early Clannad mixed with Jane, Pentangle and Renaissance. The music has the added edge of long arrangements with moog synth and acid guitar solos.
Their sole album is a very serious, sad and moody record. The songs have stunning melodies, and the overall feeling is very psychedelic. The dreamlike surrealistic solutions are also done with a good style. The amplified acoustic guitars are often processed through an echo, and there are also some great moody electric guitar solos to be heard. The production date of late 70�s is revealed only by some bit more modern synthesizer sounds, which could not have appeared on the late 60�s or early 70�s recordings. There�s also a quite strong rhythm section on this band, and they do some faster stuff in some occasions too. I�m sure that they have studied their classic jazz recordings. Beate Krause�s deep voice is truly stunning, and she also pronounces English in a very good manner, this is a quite rare achievement in the underground recordings coming out of non-English speaking European countries.
The three live bonus tracks bring little more to the album (the sound quality is average and the songs are unremarkable but have a space rock sound), but they do not interfere with the overall fluidity of the album as well as its enjoyment.
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