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Affinity - Affinity (uk 1970 Progressive Rock)

Affinity - Affinity (uk 1970 Progressive Rock)
Formed: 1968, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Disbanded: 1972 //

* Grant Serpell (drums),
* Mo Foster (bass),
* Mike Jopp (guitar, electric guitar , 12 String guitar),
* Linda Hoyle (vocals),
* Lynton Naiff (piano, harpsichord, electric piano , vibraphone),
* Vivienne McAuliffe (vocals),
* Dave Watts (Hammond)

Additional arrangements by: John Paul Jones and Chris Hughes.

Recorded at: Trident Studios and Island Studios.
Released on Vertigo (6360 004) spring 1970.
Cover-design and photography by: Marcus Keef

Related Artists: Fancy, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Sailor, The Tornados
Genres: Progressive Rock

01. I am and so are you (3:31)
02. Night flight (7:15)
03. I wonder if I care as much (3:20)
04. Mr. Joy (5:02)
05. Three sisters (4:57)
06. Cocoanut grove (2:35)
07. All along the watchtower (11:36)
08. Eli's coming (Bonus) (3:32)
09. United states of mind (Bonus) (2:49)

Affinity was a short-lived band that released one album and one single in 1970 and then spilt up. Their music is a blend of blues, jazz-rock and progressive rock with lots of nice Hammond organ. The band had a fantastic female vocalist in Linda Hoyle. Affinity started writing for a second album, but in January 1971 Linda left the band and that was the end for the whole band.
Issued in 1970, their only album shows much variety as well as plenty of soloing. As the excellent sound, musicianship and production will attest, it is a superb achievement for the times. The material on the album is quite strong all the way through. "I Am and So Are You" and "Three Sister" do both use horns to good effect. "Mr. Joy" is a relaxed and excellent jazzy track, while "Night Flight" is a more typical early 70's progressive rock track. There are two excellent cover versions here too. You would may not expect much from a cover of The Everly Brother's "I Wonder If I Care As Much", but its sounds awesome with a incredible symphonic and great arrangement. And their 11-minute version of "All Along the Watchtower" is a irresistible Hammond-orgy you must hear to believe.
Another memorable cover shot by Marcus Keef. This one radiates calm and peace and is more or less the antipode to the Black Sabbath cover. The lady relaxedly observes the foraging swans, both the masonry at her back and the parasol serve to make her look very protected and cosy. The overall turquoise tinting works wonders too. Inside the musicians pose very aesthetically in grey-blue and silver. No less than seven positive reviews from the tabloids are displayed.

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